About The Project

I have been making images for almost as long as I can remember. As a young child growing up in New Jersey, my most constant companions were 8mm cameras and cassette machines; I spent countless hours recording myself, my friends, and my environment, and making animated films. I came to still photography later, but with no less a sense of wonder and exploration.

The genesis of the Junk Drawers project was a sudden pang of nostalgia for that place in the corner of my childhood kitchen where the detritus of our lives ended up -- objects often of marginal consequence, but sometimes great importance, somehow too special to throw away, seldom animal or vegetable, and always, by necessity, smaller than a breadbox.


My hope for this project is that capturing these drawers on film -- the junk we choose to keep, in its own special place -- will help us to celebrate the ordinary, and preserve the ephemeral, of our lives.

All pieces measure 24" square, and are available for purchase: $325 framed, $175 unframed, plus shipping.

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